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Outage Information

June 22, 1:00 p.m. OUTAGE UPDATE: Outage has been completely restored! If you lose power for whatever reason, please call outage reporting at 1-800-279-7432. Way to go, line crews! That was a speedy restoration!



10:30 a.m. OUTAGE ALERT: Members, we are experiencing an outage in La Veta and the surrounding areas, due to weather. Approximately 1,300 meters are without power. Crews are on site and have a good idea of what the problem is, they're optimistic for a fairly quick restoration. Please call outage reporting at 1-800-279-7432 to report your outage. We'll keep you posted!



 What Should You Do In the Event of a Power Outage?  

  • Verify that your entire house is out and that you haven't just blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker.
  • If you have determined that your home is out of power, turn off or unplug any appliances you were using when the power went out. Leave just one light on so you know when power is restored.
  • If your power remains out for longer than a few minutes, or to report an electrical safety hazard, please call San Isabel Electric Association toll free at 1-800-279-7432. Your call will be answered by a Member Service Representative or our after hours call center. If the outage is widespread, our phone lines may be busy when you call. Please be patient, your call is very important to us.
  • When you call to report an outage, please provide as many details as possible. If you heard a loud bang, or your power is out but your neighbors have power, let us know. This will help us determine any unknown problems on our system.


Power After an Outage  

Outages occur for a number of reasons. In the event of a large or wide-spread outage, we prioritize repairs in order to get the largest number of members back on first.






 Outage Video  


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