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District 2

District 2

Rye, Colorado City & Vicinity 

Dennis A. Maroney


PO Box 364

(719) 404-1820

Dennis Maroney recently retired from 28 years of service for the City of Pueblo. He served as Construction Engineer, Drainage Engineer, and 4 years as Director of Pueblo’s Storm Water Utility.

Dennis was a Founding Member of the Colorado Association of Storm Water and Flood Plain Managers (CASFM), President and member of the Fountain Creek Technical Advisory Committee, as well as, Director of the Pueblo Storm Water Quality Advisory Committee. Mr. Maroney is a Professional Engineer with a BES degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Colorado.


Dennis is currently a Board Member and Vice President of the Greenhorn Valley Chamber of Commerce (Rye/Colorado City). He has lived in Rye, Co. for the last 37 years serving in his Church, and in the Boy Scouts of America in Rye, Colorado City and Walsenburg, Co. He and his wife Paula have 7 children and 23 grandchildren. All of his children attended local schools and graduated from Rye High School.


Dennis has always had an interest in energy conservation and alternative energy resources. As a Professional Engineer he has designed energy efficient subdivisions and many passive solar homes. He and his family have lived in their solar home on the Maroney ranch southwest of Rye since 1983. He is acutely aware of the need for reliable electric service to rural residents and the need for timely service and emergency response. Dennis welcomes the challenge of future energy development and providing reliable, efficient, and affordable electrical service.


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