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Automatic Payment Plan

Automatic Payment Authorization Form (Click Here)

Questions and Answers:

What is the Automatic Payment Plan (APP)?

The Automatic Payment Plan is a method by which SIEA draws money each month from your bank account to pay your electric bill. This is commonly known as Bank Drafting

What is required to be eligible for the Automatic Payment Plan?

To be eligible for the APP, the consumer's credit history for the previous twelve (12) months must not indicate a returned check.

How will the Automatic Payment Plan work?

Once you sign up for the APP, you will receive your bill each month as usual. Included on the bill will be the statement, "BANK DRAFT DO NOT PAY". This notifies you that your bill will be drafted.

Is there a charge for the APP?

No, neither SIEA nor your bank will charge you for this service.

When will my account be drafted each month?

The automatic bank drafts will be processed by the bank on the first business day after the 14th of the month.

Can I cancel the APP whenever I wish?

You can cancel the APP at any time with written 5-day notice to San Isabel Electric.

How do I sign up for the APP?

If you are interested in the APP, please fill out the Authorization Agreement. Include all the information requested. Be sure to attach a voided check from your bank account. Deposit slips are not acceptable. Return the form and voided check to San Isabel Electric, 781 E. Industrial Blvd.. Pueblo West, CO 81007, and we will do the rest.

After I send the Authorization, how long will it take before my payments are made automatically by bank draft?

As soon as we receive your Authorization Agreement, we will update our computer. If we receive your Authorization by the 10th of the month, your account will be drafted that month. Otherwise, your bank will be drafted the next month. While the APP is in effect, your bills will include the message, "BANK DRAFT DO NOT PAY."

Who do I call if I have more questions?

Call San Isabel at 547-2160 or 1-800-279-SIEA (7432), press option 6 and speak with a member service representative during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What could cause the APP to be terminated?

The APP may be terminated if there are 2 NSF events in any 12 month period.

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